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                 Items of Interest -
C.J. Ramstad Memorial Scholarship deadline is May 1st!
    Each State and Province is encouraged to submit their top scholarship entry for consideration of the C.J. Ramstad $1,000 Scholarship.  Click here for details and link to scholarship application.  (Updated Apr '14)

Dean Wingert, Sheboygan Falls, WI - Is our 2013 C.J. Ramstad $1,000 Memorial Scholarship Winner!  
    Congratulations to Dean for earning our scholarship with his well-written essay and dedication to snowmobiling and public service in his home state of Wisconsin.  Dean is a member of the Five Corners Snowmobile Club, valued member of K.A.O.S., Wisconsin's snowmobile youth program), and has been president of the Sheboygan Falls Youth Sno-Rders.  (Updated June '13) 



Tickets for this Snowmobile Bench were in short supply!

    200 tickets (at $10 a piece) were quickly sold at the International Snowmobile Congress recently concluded in Green Bay Wisconsin.  This was one hot raffle prize, and donated by Neal & Joni Grabow.  All proceeds from this raffle benefit the C.J. Ramstad Memorial Scholarship.

     Congratulations to Ed Calhoun from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for winning this spectacular bench!  (Updated June '13)   

Blanket donated by Keri Wanner and Snowmobile ND raised $275 at Wisconsin International Snowmobile Congress

    This snowmobile-themed blanket was auctioned off during the Groomer Reception on Friday, June 7th, and won by Mark Hazzard from Winnebago, IL.  The funds raised are dedicated to the C.J. Ramstad Scholarship Fund.  Thanks to Keri for her strong support of our scholarship! (Updated June 13)


    ISMC is on Facebook!  Thanks to member Gary Broderick of the New York State Snowmobile Association for setting up the International Snowmobile Media Council with a Facebook page.  Find it here and "Like" us today!  (Updated June 11)






















































   The International Snowmobile Media Council (ISMC) is dedicated to promoting snowmobiling as a safe and exciting family recreation.  The Council consists of editors and publishers of snowmobile related media and others interested in snowmobiling.


    This site contains contact information for ISMC members as well as provides links, photos and articles for your use as you promote snowmobiling.


    Contact Mary Anne Grabow at for further information about the ISMC.  Website questions can be directed to Matt Mead at